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aviaPanda project aviaPanda project was developed as universal service for both professional and ocasional travellers The main project idea was to allow any user to book flights and hotels online quickly and efficiently at low price. Low costs of airline tickets and hotels are results of directed development and not only a marketing motto. That's why booking services uses many professional hotels and airline tickets providers. Multiple search sites gives great advantage before booking systems that offer only products and services by a single provider. aviaPanda itself does not sell hotel rooms and air tickets - it's just a free search engine for convenient price hunt. You may read more about the services in respective site chapters.

aviaPanda supports WWF The project mission is to gain users trust and to deserve regular costumers. The word `panda` is included in project`s name not accidentally - a part of the aviaPanda's income goes to World Fund of Wild Nature WWF. Thus, using services of aviaPanda, you make your contribution into safety of diverse fauna and flora species and better harmony between human and nature. Please recommend aviaPanda to your friend and make even greater contribution into our green planet's future.

aviaPanda from Greenwich Uni Another important aspect of project development was to create easy and positive site atmosphere with user-friendly interface and navigation convenience. Design, structure and implementation of aviaPanda was made by IT & e-Commerce professional from the University of Greenwich, with the use of modern technologies, schemas and modular optimization. This led to great results regarding site appearance, ease of use and perfomance what directly affect users loyalty. The minimum advertisment policy is another pleasant and positive factor allowing user to concentrate only on product or service search and get the best price.

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Technical support: Technical support@aviapanda.com

Commercial department: Commercial department@aviapanda.com

Feedback form: submit question

Russian version of the site: aviaPanda.ru

VK.com group (rus): vk.com/aviapanda

Google+ page (rus): aviaPanda in Google+

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